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Nido Altamira’s value proposition is based on the integral development of early childhood through innovative pedagogical practices, rich learning environments and memorable day to day experiences. These give way to a culture that promotes leadership, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and social-emotional learning, with hands on participation from teachers and family members.


We believe that…
  • Children are rich, strong and powerful beings.
  • The school gives way to an array of experiences that stimulate expression.
  • Relationships strengthen students interpersonal and socio-emotional skills.
  • The teacher is a researcher and an apprentice.
  • A challenging environment brings out the best in the students.
  • Learning is visible and fun.
We specialize in…
Baby Explorer ( from 7 months )

This program is based on the premise that children of early age (>= 7 months) require stimuli from their environment, through mind blowing experiences and creative approaches that ensure their integral development. These contexts allow them to connect through their senses to the different colors, sounds, movements and caring teachers, which give way to building confidence and personality traits in their early years. Furthermore, teachers portray a series of qualifications and natural motherly traits that exemplify a loving treatment to all students, making them feel appreciated and cared for, that ensures a safe and growth-oriented experience.

Infants (1 to 2 years)

This grade level places its value proposition on building student identity from social exchange in diverse and dynamic scenarios. Teachers guide students as they discover and enjoy meaningful adventures or experiences that contribute to their safety and involvement in their path to integral development. They will challenge them, through creative activities which are result-oriented, creating opportunities for emotional development when dealing with adversity. It is all about building character and personality in a fun, loving and creative way.

Toddlres (2 to 3 years)

Students become natural explorers and researchers, seeking answers to fulfill their curiosity needs to every stimulus that the environment brings them. By exposing themselves through games, activities and interactions with other students, they acquire new skills, autonomy and self-worth. They begin to develop understanding over their emotions and feelings towards certain experiences that challenge their comfort zone. Its all about guiding them towards their better understanding of their emotional intelligence and desire towards new experiences and learning scenarios.

Nursery (3 to 4 years)

This is Nido´s last grade level before students join the Altamira School. Here, they begin to build self-steam and security through lessons and scenarios that relate to everyday life experiences for their context. Thinking is made visible through different languages, drawing, art and games, which are used to express thoughts, taste and interests. Teachers express love and care for their integral growth, with a passion that reaches the pureness of their hearts and minds, showing greater interest, empathy and sense of belonging that creates value and socio-emotional learning.


Our Spaces
The Plaza
The Atelier
The Park
The Dining Room
Programs for integral development
  • Music
  • English
  • Dance and corporal expression
  • Sensorial Workshop
  • Socio- affective Program
  • Healthy and Smart Dieting
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