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AIS strongly believes in ensuring that candidate families align with the educational philosophy of the school, its programs and services, complemented by its mission, vision and core values. At Altamira, we strive to build an educational environment that enables our students to reach their full individual potential.

Applicants to the AIS will be admitted based on their academic record, discipline record, and space availability.

The school reserves the right of admission and does not acquire any obligation by receiving the students’ application for admissions.

Our school follows the American calendar, beginning the academic year in August and ending in May, oering a PK-12 program for our students.

When graduated our students will receive a double High School Diploma, one regulated by the Colombian Standards as well as an American Diploma accredited by the Cognia Association for International Schools.


AIS is an exemplary school in Latin America, highly recognized for its academic excellence and innovative educational practice, which allows its students to LEARN WITH PURPOSE, SERVE WITH PASSION and LEAD WITH THE HEART to change our world for the better.

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