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“We Choose Respect”, an Altamira Anti-Bullying initiative, was held on On October 24 in our school building, the initiative was celebrated during one of our school Assemblies, and it was led by our students. During this activity, students emphasized on the value of “Respect”, the different types of bullying. In addition, students shared

how to act correctly in bullying situations. throughout the week, different activities were carried out:


* ODD SOCKS DAY: Our students came with different socks to express that each of them is unique and therefore different in their physical appearance, personality, talents and abilities.


* WALL OF RESPECT: Our students made a WALL OF RESPECT in their classroom. They wrote their own definition of what respect meant to each one.

Posts showing their support and action for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week and the theme of “Choose Respect.”


* STOP, SPEAK AND SUPPORT PLEDGE: Our students wrote their promises to know how to detect bullying situations, what steps to take to prevent it and provide support to the person who is going through this.