We are living in a complex world, where students are considered “digital natives”, who grow in a technologically-rich environment, where creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking, become necessary skills to be successful.

With access to information at the palm of their hands, creativity is all about making new connections and coming up with innovative solutions to challenges. Collaboration is about becoming a team player, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and understanding the collective genius behind teamwork. Communication sums up to fostering assertive discussions with other peers, by being able to understand information and sharing it, clearly a concisely. Critical thinking becomes the reasoning skill, which requires of due analysis and understanding of information, to construct criteria and facilitate decision making. Our students understand this skills as themes that overlay across all curriculum areas, which are immersed in their daily lives at our school, allowing them to perfection them, and attain mastery.

During our elementary years, students are able to establish and develop their own identity, independence and self-esteem, positive social interactions and become life-long learners within a caring environment. Emotional intelligence and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) become key determinants in improving mental health, social skills and academic achievement. By integrating SEL in the schools strategic plan, staffing and professional development framework, our educators and families partner to promote a welcoming, participatory and caring climate for learning. This reflects on a number of indicators, such as positive social behaviours and attitudes, skills such as empathy and teamwork, and academics. As well as reducing disciplinary conducts, emotional distress and insecurities.

From second to sixth grade, our curriculum provides challenging learning experiences through effective learning strategies, school wide programs and integration of technology in order to prepare them to be successful. The way in which education is imparted in the classroom is transformed, transferring the teacher from the position of unique knowledge connoisseur to guidance and guidance of the student, who in turn assumes a more active role. This active methodology aims to transform education in the student’s way of learning, and has the aim in mind of increasing reflection and retention on what has been learned. The true purpose is to give students the ability to implement this appropriation of knowledge and technological tools in their daily lives.

As a community, we empower students to learn with purpose, serve with passion, and lead with heart to make a better world.