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The Altamira International School is a new test center of SAT (Scholarship Aptitude Test) in Barranquilla, endorsed by the College Board of the United States. The SAT is a standardized test, a requirement for entering high-level universities in the United States, which allows to show colleges the knowledge and skills of each student. The test manager is the renowned College Board, non-profit organization that prepares tests in The United States.


This innovation allows Altamira to be recognized as a test center of SAT for their students and any student from Barranquilla or form other cities. As a School, our purpose is to offer students the opportunity to easily access to the completion of this exam in order to ensure their progress towards their college endeavors.


The SAT is offered internationally in October, December, March and May, except InJune when only the application of the SAT Subject Test is offered.


Regarding test registration, students can access the College Board official website, where students will browse and choose Altamira as their desired testing center.