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In our educational approach, we focus on the holistic development of each student, cultivating 21st-century life skills through diverse learning experiences. In our educational process, the student takes center stage, becoming the focal point of the teaching and learning process.

We promote teamwork and collaboration, fostering the “6 C’s” (collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, global citizenship, and technological skills).

Our curriculum is rigorous, providing students with intellectual challenges that stimulate their growth and development. We place special emphasis on socio-emotional development, providing appropriate role models to guide students in their learning process.

During our primary education stage, we provide students with the opportunity to establish and develop their own identity, independence, and self-esteem, as well as foster positive social interactions, so that they become lifelong learners, all within a warm and nurturing environment. We recognize the importance of emotional intelligence and socio-emotional learning (SEL) as determining factors in improving mental health, social skills, and academic performance.

By integrating SEL into our school’s strategic plan, programs, and professional development framework, we closely collaborate with educators and families to create a welcoming, participatory, and supportive learning environment.

This is reflected in a range of indicators, such as positive social behaviors and attitudes, skills like empathy and teamwork, as well as outstanding academic performance. Additionally, we aim to reduce problematic disciplinary behaviors, emotional distress, and insecurities among our students.

Our teachers are experts in the second language, ensuring a quality bilingual learning environment. From second to sixth grade, our curriculum provides challenging learning experiences through effective learning strategies, school-wide programs, and technology integration to prepare them for success. The way education is delivered in the classroom is transformed, shifting the teacher from the position of sole knowledge holder to a guide and facilitator of student learning, who in turn takes on a more active role. This active methodology aims to transform education in the way students learn, and it aims to increase reflection and retention of what is learned. The ultimate purpose is to provide students with the ability to implement this knowledge and technological tools in their daily lives.


We carry out numerous activities that complement the curricular components, such as the Reading Month and specific themes, enriching the students’ educational experience. We foster autonomy, self-management, and responsibility, preparing our students to enter the secondary stage well-equipped and with the necessary skills to face new challenges.

We organize field trips and guided visits, providing experiences outside the classroom, as we understand that learning extends beyond the school walls. We aim to create meaningful experiences where students address real-life problems and everyday situations, so that learning is relevant and their developmental process is strengthened.


This exciting event is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their scientific aptitude and creativity, while also fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Visit to the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

The fifth-grade children undertake an educational outing in the field of Social Sciences, in the city of Santa Marta at the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, with the purpose of reinforcing the topics taught in the classroom about independence processes and the importance of the liberator in these events.

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