From the 2005-2006 school year, the Altamira School began its formal process of seeking accreditation with the organization AdvancED – SACS CASI until in 2009 with the visit of the peer reviewers, we were able to be accredited by that organization.


AdvancED is the unified organization of the Accreditation Commission of the Central North Association and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Association of Colleges and Universities of the South of the United States (SACS CASI), and the National Study of School Evaluation (NSSE) ). This unified organization makes up the largest educational community in the world, representing 23,000 public and private schools and districts in 30 states and 65 countries, serving about 15 million students.
Among the benefits that the school brings to the fact of being accredited, we list the following:
• World-renowned quality mark
• Greater opportunities for admission to university education in the US (They graduate from Altamira with the American High School Diploma in addition to the National Baccalaureate Diploma)
• Transfer of credits between accredited schools and regions around the world
• Standards and processes of continuous improvement unified globally


The most important benefit for students is that the School is committed to increasing student performance and is responsible for the improvement of learning in a continuous process based on global standards.
In Colombia very few institutions have this distinction. The other schools with this accreditation in Colombia are: Karl C. Parrish School in Barranquilla, Albania School The Mine in Cerrejón, Bolívar School in Cali, Granadino School in Manizales, Jorge Washington School in Cartagena, New Granada School in Bogotá, Pan-American College in Bucaramanga, English Gym in Armenia, Liceo Inglés Foundation in Pereira and The Columbus School in Medellin.

During the years following the evaluation, our school will struggle with efforts to IMPROVE continuously, in accordance with AdvancED’s global standards, ensuring that our students benefit from the level of education they deserve.

21st Century Learning


Blended Learning

The twenty-first century demand of today’s schools, a high degree of ownership and commitment to technology, which must be conceived from its value proposition, implemented in its pedagogical model and transmitted to all levels of the institution to transform teaching-learning methodologies of the classroom of conventional class.

The responsibility and evolution of education, transcend the traditional ideology that points and places the teacher as the holder of knowledge and “absolute truth”, thus giving way to the student becomes the actor and protagonist of their own learning.

The impact of technology on educational practice has led institutions to construct didactic activities aimed at the construction of knowledge that leads to meaningful learning. These provide new tools that strengthen pedagogical models and solve many
of today’s learning problems. Since they transform the traditional school of four walls, in a place open to playful and autonomous instruction. Learning is active, the student becomes the protagonist and main agent of their own learning.

The way in which education is imparted in the classroom is transformed, transferring the teacher from the position of unique knowledge connoisseur to guidance and guidance of the student, who in turn assumes a more active role. This active methodology aims to
transform education in the student’s way of learning, and has the aim in mind of increasing reflection and retention on what has been learned. The true purpose is to give students the ability to implement this appropriation of knowledge and technological tools in their daily lives.

Leadership Program

At Altamira International School we have constructed a program called “We Are Leaders” where students develop the skills and attitudes they need to be productive. This program is integrated with our Values, our General Learner Outcomes, our MegaSkills and finally the Seven Habits of Happy Kids. We believe that through this program, our students develop the core competencies needed to be effective in the XXI Century.

Our Glo’s and Megaskills


Who can demonstrate civic awareness, lead a healthy life style, and make responsible contributions to their community.

Responsibility: doing what’s right.
Citizenship: being a member of the community.
Caring: showing concern for others.
Respect: treating others the way you would want to be treated.


Who can analyze, synthetize, evaluate and solve problems creatively and use technology effectively.

Critical Thinking: thinking for yourself by weighing evidence and facts.
Creativity: generate ideas; to create something original or redesign through imaginative skill.
Common Sense: using good judgment.
Problem Solving: create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems.