​AIS strongly believes in ensuring that candidate families align with the school’s educational philosophy, programs and services, complemented by its mission, vision, and core values. At Altamira, we strive to build an educational environment that enables our students to reach their full individual potential. Applicants to the AIS will be admitted based on their academic record, discipline record, and space availability. The College reserves the right of admission and does not acquire any obligation by receiving the application for admissions.

COLEGIO INTERNACIONAL ALTAMIRA- SEDE CAMPESTRE (Km 10 via Puerto Colombia highway) is on calendar B, begins the school year in August, and ends in June. Their first grade is PRE-KINDER and ends in GRADE 12. To apply they must take into account these ages in the first levels:
PRE-KINDERGARTEN: 4 years old before June 30.
KINDERGARTEN: 5 years old before June 30.
FIRST OF ELEMENTARY: 6 years old before June 30.


Requirement to apply in August 2022: If your child was born between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018, you can apply to Pre-Kinder 2022. 

If your child is 3 years old before June 30 of 2021, you can already register it to start the admission process in advance. If there are no places available, you may have the option of entering the waiting list. 


To apply for Pre-kindergarten Admissions 2023-2024: your child must have been born between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. We have limited places, so the admission process for the Pre-kindergarten level must be done 2 years in advance.

We also invite you to start at Nido Altamira and obtain benefits starting from INFANTS level (1 year old). If you are interested, you can click on ADMISSIONS button: Admissions Nido to apply.